wyoDesktop is an effort to create a graphical desktop environment (desktop GUI) where an ordinary user immediately feels comfortable through the use of a well designed and consistent look and feel. Becoming comfortable and being consistent also means to strive for a minimal amount of beauty.

wyoDesktop is an effort to build a sound technical base which acts as a sample for a truly usable system. Sound technical base mean it should be easy for anybody, user or developer, to adjust their own work to nicely fit into a greater context.

wyoDesktop is an effort to work together for a free system usable by everyone without the need for much intimate system knowledge. Anyone should be able to get his work done without to know in detail how it's done.

wyoDesktop is not yet another window manager. No it even doesn't have a window manager since the design of wyoDesktop doesn't require a window manager. To see how this is possible read on or look into the task list.

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Task list

The huge workload is done in several stages divided into several tasks.

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wyoDesktop is meant for you, for everyone believing in the free software world. But it also needs you, needs everyone who agrees on its target. Even if you can't help much or do any work you can give your assistance by simply

In case you want to do more, there are many tasks which need no technical knowledge at all. Keep in mind whenever you can relieve a developer from administrative tasks he has time to concentrate more on the development tasks. So become part of a new movement where everybody is giving back to the community whatever anyone can.

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Of course developers are always welcomed ;-)

You may look at other projects which are related to wyoDesktop, either go to the links section or simply click on any of the logos on the left side.


Ideas for improvement are an important aspect of the wyoDesktop project as well. They may range from rather broad formulated wishes to outlined project descriptions and are collected here.


2005-05-30 (wyo) wyoDesktop applied for the LinuxTag 2005 conference but was rejected because of too less developers.

2005-01-23 (wyo) The wyoFiler released as 0.7.2. wxConfig in wxWidgets 2.4.2 has a bug which prevents compilation out of the box. This release adds the necessary workaround.

2004-12-27 (wyo) The wyoFiler released as 0.7.1. Fixed the default font, enhanced the context menu, corrected the close command and the enable of the open command.
Added bundle files page to the task list.


2004-01-17 (wyo) Initial start of this project. The goal of the project and the base web site layout is defined.