A filer showing the directory hierarchy and the files in the same tree window.


wyoFiler shows all directories and files of a base directory in one tree window. Directories and files can be selected and manipulated across the whole hierarchy, from the base directory all the way down to the lowest level. Selected items may be in different directories on different levels. The base directory itself may be switched to any other convenient directory. All file manipulations are done in the background, so multiple commands are possible simultaneously. The filer can display multiple base directories in tabbed notebook pages or separate top level windows.

wyoFiler is intended for wyoDesktop but it's a normal cross-platform application and can be used anywhere.

Screen shots

The screen shots can be seen here.


Everything and more can be downloaded from sourceforge.net or you can browse the CVS source tree.

New releases, latest info, open issues, etc.

If you want to be informed about new releases best subscribe to wyoFiler at freshmeat.net. If you like it and want to support its wider distribution make an appropriate rating there.


To develop wyoFiler further I need to know what others think about. What is perfect, what is missing, what is wrong. It would be nice if you could write your experience after some use into the wyoDesktop mailing list (see feedback).


Written by Otto Wyss, see support section.