Project ideas

The listed ideas below aren't part of wyoDesktop but are for anyone who'd like to improve certain aspects of user interaction or other important parts of the OpenSource community. The list is neither complete nor ordered, only the entries on top fulfill a more pressing need.

Even if these project ideas aren't part of wyoDesktop each project will be watched and supported by wyoDesktop. It will make suggestions and give advice so the overall goal as stated by wyoDesktop will be eventually reached by each of these separate projects.

Everyone may suggest ideas in the users mailing list (see support section). The more concrete the suggestion is the more likely it will be added to this list.

Package distribution concept

Distribution of binary packages will become more and more important. Especially when package distribution for embedded devices (like PDA, VDR, etc) becomes common more different platforms or systems have to be supported.

A new concept is outlined here.

Form maker application

There seems to be no application like Access (Windows) or Filemaker (Mac, Windows) which runs on Linux (or better cross-platform). An application which allows creating forms of all kind displaying any kind of data retrieved from a datastore.

See here.