wxGDK port of wxWidgets


A wxWidgets port to GDK, an intermediate layer of GTK.


wxGDK is a port of the wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) framework working directly on GDK, an intermediate layer of GTK+ (see ). wxGDK doesn't use any GTK- or Xlib-functions directly but just the GDK functions. This way wxGDK is able to run on the Linux framebuffer through the DirectFB implementation of GDK (see ).

The wxGDK port is nothing else than wxUniv/GTK+ but not using any GTK+ calls. Currently wxUniv/GTK+ is just a wxGTK with build "--enable-universal" but so far still uses GTK+.


Different tasks with different priorities have to be solved to get a stable wxGDK. Some are specific but rather many are just plain wxWidgets tasks.



Create wxGDK

The main work is to replace any GTK+ calls with GDK calls. Also any use of Xlib calls have to be replaces. The sole dependences should be libgdk, libdirectfb and lower level unix functions.