Q: Why did I start this project?
A: I started this project because I think it's necessary (if not essential) to bring some common functionality and quality to the desktop of OpenSource (or others) projects. And IMO it's time to get rid of the console mode, at least to restrict its use to seldom used or needed terminals. An important role to start this project was the availability of the framebuffer support in the Linux kernel and its incarnation of DirectFB.

Q: Why aren't the already existing desktops (i.e. Gnome, KDE) sufficient?
A: Both desktops are close coupled with their associated frameworks and required X. This project tries to minimize the impact on the used framework (ideally any should be equally well usable). On the other hand wyoDesktop uses the wxWidgets (wxGDK port) framework which easily allows writing cross-platform applications.

Q: You have to be mad to start this project, don't you?
A: Sort of, one either is a lunatic or a genius to start this. Obviously I'm convinced as well as I'm aware that only history will answer this question correctly ;-)