Check DirectFB


Checks the necessary setup and functionality for wyoDesktop (DirectFB/wxGDK).


CheckDFB checks if the base environment is set up correctly so wyoDesktop will run. It checks e.g. if all devices are available, especially if the framebuffer device is available. The check application is written with wxGDK. The check does about the following:

  1. Check for framebuffer device (usually /dev/fb0)
  2. Check for keyboard device (usually /dev/tty0)
  3. Check for mouse device (usually /dev/psaux)
  4. Check and use for DirectFB library, showing its version
  5. Check for multi application core kernel module
  6. Check and use for GDK/DirectFB library

The output of the check is written to the starting console. After the base checks are done successfully, the following additional checks are done.

The check application should be done in a way so it never crashes or becomes locked. It should provide enough information to help the user to find a solution if something isn't correctly setup with his system.

Screen shots

The screen shots can be seen here.


Everything and more can be downloaded from or you can browse the CVS source tree.

New releases, latest info, open issues, etc.

See status section.


To develop CheckDFB further I need to know what others think about. What is perfect, what is missing, what is wrong. It would be nice if you could write your experience after some use into the wyoDesktop mailing list (see feedback).

List of problems and their solutions

If your problem isn't listed here, please send a feedback with the correct description of your problem.


Written by Otto Wyss, see support section.